Decided Periphery

the way we move -

the path of our actions -

looking away -

restricting thoughts, distant eyes, covered mouths -

carrying everything all at once -

the hearts voice is inaudible -

feeling it again through closed eyes and clasped hands -

showing -

still scrubbing -

holding on and facing down -

remembering the growth -

the intensity of living and the relentlessness of our thoughts -

roses have stories—  

las vegas—  Nevada 

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5 months ago 5 notes

tossing relevance-

laying down while I wait-

becoming nothing everyday-

the strength needed to be weak-

living long enough to see the little pieces become my whole-

sewing decisions into my fabric-

reopening the present that has already been given-

the oncoming, the run the jump the duck the hold the look the go-

capturing the idea of water —

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6 months ago 7 notes

centering my gravity-

orbiting thoughts, floating ideas-

a distant circumstance-

slow reaching, forever seeing-

cold light in the warm darkness-

flooding my consciousness with an array of hope-

tethered by my own spectrum of feeling-

breathing and sustaining against my will-

direction is for the weak —  

7 months ago 8 notes

knowledge and warmth-

hearing what Im told-

striving for another chair-

sewing this life together-

drying blood, calloused fingers and taught skin remind-

emotions that won’t bottle —

    —  chinatown NYC

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8 months ago 3 notes

left through the opening and walked with the controlled persistence of a blackbird-

interrupted feelings, tied down thoughts and salvaged ideas have created my current vessel and I am now sailing- 

circles with straight lines-

galvanizing creates a flowering- 

I am what I need —

  - NYC      Brooklyn Bridge -

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8 months ago 5 notes

walking on my feet-

the slow progression of the strum-

connecting to alleviate-

diagnosing worth and distance-

december sky-

predicting the moons that will come-

it looks like rest-

covered with the details of circles-

resembling something that peels-

the pile is workable-


kill your photoshop


9 months ago 6 notes

here then gone- 

you again, me again- 

stable then unstable-

fear and strength-

held then carried-

with and without-

told then learned-

forever is a day-

gone then nothing-

here again —

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9 months ago 1 note

just a signal in my eyes-

feeling without touching- 

cornered in the open-

seeing is for others-

nothing is something —

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10 months ago 3 notes

My Table

with baggage

with light shinning

twitching darkness 

for I am the only one who wants to know 

the key 

my levelness 



closing down

talking with the motor soft 

drifting with the motor off

around again and through then in then out 

at the perch 

on the perch


gone from me is the breath taken— 

11 months ago







running from the person, from the body, from the spirit-

ideas that sit-

watching my life-

replenishing and encouraging it all to come back together into a flowing stream that pools into a deepness —

kill your photoshop

11 months ago 5 notes

this happens to all of us-

being close is realizing it’s further-

how can I be impossible-

necessary is only a moment-

thought creates a fine movement-

tools that I keep out of reach-

the endurance of patterns-   

maybe we’re all lost at sea —

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11 months ago 6 notes

family for moments-

tempting buttons-

pairings that a child never sees-

stretching closeness-

instruments that create and reveal-

outside furniture gets wet  —

-downtown LA-

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11 months ago 2 notes

my own actions cause a great disease within myself-

I sidestep-

I walk around-

I tuck in-

I peer over and under and through-

I cross, stop and go-

I talk and I tell lies-

I think-

I actually get somewhere- 

I look for myself while being visible to everyone —

-downtown       LA- 

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12 months ago 5 notes

I can be smaller-

understanding that our civilization is a very small dream in the waking body of something unimaginable—

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Grand Canyon          Arizona 

1 year ago 16 notes

what else can I lose-

things vanish through movement —

-kill your photoshop 

1 year ago